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Sunday, June 17, 2001

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Steel Magnolias

I still have unpacked stuff from camping on my living room floor but I was enjoying being able to run around in an airconditioned vehicle to spend the time unpacking. I picked up some heavy items, like laundry soap and cat litter, etc, from the store since I have the truck today. It was nice to just roll the grocery cart out to the truck. Carrying up to my apartment was tiring but now I'm set for a while.

I also checked out a few other places that carry digital cameras and am getting quite versed in the language. It's a whole new world. Every place seemed to have people seriously looking at them so I guess they are becoming quite popular.

In the afternoon I went to see "Steel Magnolias". I've seen the film several times so it was interesting to see that the stage show was set only in the beauty parlor. It was interesting to see the interactions of the women and hear of their interactions in the world outside. It was very nicely done. It's interesting that it was written by a man.

I have to take the truck back tomorrow. It was fun having it and I had no problem getting back into driving again. I did have a shock when I filled up the tank and it's been a year since I rented a car and gas has gone up plus I usually have a little compact and they have tanks about half the size. What's the point of owning a car if you can't go on road trips and with gas like it is who can afford that?

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