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Friday, June 15, 2001

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Up the mountain

I got up leisurely today since I couldn't pick up my rental till noon but I was on my bike and heading toward the bread shop by 7:00 am anyway. When I went to pickup my compact car, they asked if I would mind getting a pickup instead, at no additional cost. I thought 'how cool' but when I went to load the camping gear I realized that even with an extended cab there wasn't as much inside room as with a small car and I didn't like having stuff loose in the back. If I were to get another car I wouldn't get a pickup for that reason. You need to get a cover of some kind and even with a shell you can't get in the back without going outside. There were times I was camping and it was raining, that I sure wished I could just crawl in back without getting wet.

By the time I started toward Mt Lemmon it was 2:00 pm. What a wonderful drive up. I think the desert island mountains are wonderful. You can watch the vegetation change from sonoran to alpine in an hours drive. The drive took two hours today since there is so much work being done on the road. When I paid for my pass I was told there would be an hour wait for the pilot car but we just drove on through. They must have decided to stop work early for Friday, or at least not obstruct traffic. It was still slow as much of the drive is dirt at the moment.

I also was behind a motorhome which was fine with me. I enjoy cruising up the mountain slowly but if I'm at the front of a line of cars I feel rushed. If I have a slow vehicle in front of me I can pretend I'm just going slow because of them. This is where some of my depression comes from since being nice and good all the time means you never do what you want to do, but it's so hard for me to just do what I want to do without looking for excuses. I worry about inconveniencing people. Sometimes I feel like I'm being unfriendly but I don't know how to explain that I just don't feel comfortable asking for help, especially from people I know.

I finally got to my campsite at 4:00 pm and set up camp. It was so beautiful to smell the pines and watch the sun scattered on the ground. It was warm then but started getting cool as soon as I had stuff unloaded and was sitting in the shade. I read and relaxed. It wasn't too busy at the campground though people were appearing on a regular basis. Finally it was too dark to read and I watched the light fade from the sky and then the stars appeared like jewels. I always forget how beautiful they are when there are no city lights around.

Before it got dark I finished reading "Uncommon Clay" by Margaret Maron. This is another in the excellent series featuring Judge Deborah Knott in North Carolina. She is sent to Randolph County to handle a couple touchy distribution of marital property cases. While there she become involved with one of the couples when the ex-husband is murdered. Again this is an interesting story and an interesting look at another facet of North Carolina.

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