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Thursday, June 14, 2001

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Work and murders

I've been so busy this week at work but I'm on top of it. Sort of. I think. Yeah. The total overload that I felt the end of May and first of June has lifted. I still feel like I'm learning half a beat behind but at least I have time to absorb what I'm learning. It was all going over my head for a while. I'm taking off tomorrow so I've been trying to get everything done. That, of course, is impossible since there's always something more to do but I got the important things done, I think.

I did manage to read Sympathy for the Devil by Jerrilyn Farmer. This is a good mystery set in Los Angeles. It's a light hearted cooking mystery and certainly doesn't reach the noir depths of early LA mysteries but it's a fun look at the woes of catering the rich, famous and spoiled. The prices that floated around made me blink. Why would anyone spend that kind of money on a party? This is just not something that interests me. Madeline Bean (how's that a name for a cook?), who is catering a party for a movie mogul has to move fast when her client is murdered and her friend and partner is charged with murder.

I've been a bit depressed the last few days and I think it's because I plan to camp this weekend and I always get anxious and depressed when I set out to do something. I get depressed before I travel also. I love camping and travel and parties but I always get depressed beforehand. I'm also excited but I am anxious. A couple people have asked how I could camp by myself and one asked if I had a gun in case a bear came into camp. Right! I would probably kill myself. I am afraid so much of the time when I do things like camping but I do them anyway because otherwise I won't ever do anything. Actually, doing social stuff is so much harder for me since I don't feel comfortable relating to people. I always feel like I'm doing something wrong.

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