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Sunday, June 10, 2001

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This and that

The news teased today with a story on nude hang gliding but then said they would leave what it looked like to our imagination. That's not fair. I expect the real thing was more hysterically funny than anything I can imagine.

I needed some humor after listening to story after story about McVeigh's execution. Even though his crime is certainly one that deserves the death penalty, I still don't feel comfortable about it. Personally I think he's getting off easy. I think having to spend the rest of his life in prison would be much worse.

I did a little walking this morning but it was already hot by 9:00 am and I didn't stay out longer than I needed to. I don't feel like I did much this weekend even though I was busy much of the time. It seems to take longer when it's so hot, partly because I wait for buses instead of walking like I would do in better weather. Yes, the bus system in Tucson is so bad that it's often quicker to walk than wait an hour, or more, for a bus.

I did make some more orange and raisin scones, but I added a couple tablespoons of butter which made them less dry. Since I eat them without butter, I don't feel too bad. Yeah, not eating any animal products didn't last too long. It never does. Vegetarianism, especially veganism gives you a whole lifestyle to fit into and people who will gripe right along with you. They do have some points on their side but are so self-righteous and self-described as pure that it always puts me off. I still enjoy vegetarian dishes but I like meat also, so I mix and match. I just wish the methods used to raise and slaughter animals were better.

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