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Friday, June 8, 2001

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I'm glad it's Friday. Yesterday morning I stubbed my big toe and removed part of my toenail and hobbled to work. I was able to walk to work today but had to be careful. Last week I stubbed my toe on the other foot and cracked the nail. I haven't stubbed my toes in a long time so feel very stupid. I used to stub them all the time but that was when my kids were at home and left fun stuff like rocks in the hall right where I walked to get to the bathroom at night.

It's been hectic at work but I feel like I kept on top of things. I didn't get everything done that I need to get done, but I did get on top of things. Things are still being reorganized or, at least, looked at so there's an element of suspense about everything but I'm good at handling chaos, I can blame any snafus on the changes. It's when it's quiet and boring that I get distracted and don't get as much done. All this wondering is tiring, however, so it's good to get home and just sit.

I turned the tv off after about an hour since it was getting on my nerves. It's just so much background noise most of the time since there are few programs that catch my interest. Most of them lose me about ten minutes in, if that much, and then I start channel surfing. This wastes a lot of time and I end up without getting anything done. It's similar to teenagers checking the refrigerator for the fifth time just in case some food appeared. I'll turn it back on, I'm sure, as it gets too quiet.

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