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Tuesday, June 5, 2001

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Vacation planning

I've been checking out sites on the Grand Canyon all night. I want to go to the north rim but it get's cold so soon I would need to go in September or October. Getting there is such a pain, though. I may have to end up renting a car, but that could get pricey for a whole week. I can take a shuttle from the south rim to the north rim but it would take a while, which wouldn't be all that bad except that I wouldn't be able to stop and check out the views.

There's a volkswalk in Page the first week of October also and for that I would have to rent a car as the only other way to get there is by charter plane from Las Vegas. There are just too many places that you can only get to by car. I save time when I rent but it seems like a bummer to spend that much money on a rental car and not be free to look around like I can on a bus. At least I could carry all my camping equipment more easily.

It would be a fun camping trip around the Grand Canyon and a couple other places I haven't visited in a while. I could also pickup a Route 66 volkswalk in Flagstaff and, I just found out, there is now a volkswalk at the Grand Canyon. How cool! That would be so much fun.

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