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Monday, June 4, 2001

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I went to practice with the U of A Community Chorus today. They practice one day at week for about forty minutes. I had forgotten how much I love singing. Since I don't go to church anymore, I don't really have any place to sing. I just sat there and smiled the whole time. I stayed pretty much on tune too. I enjoyed myself so much. It seemed like it was over much to soon. This is going to be fun.

I've been reading a few environmental and activist magazines lately. They all have only one mantra - corporations are wicked and evil and the little folk are good. This is so incredibly simplistic that it's scary. There are a lot of things that I don't like about corporations and I think they definitely need to be held in check and held responsible for their actions. That doesn't mean they are all evil or that the people who run them are all evil.

I've seen evil done by little people and small business owners. Granted they can't wreck as much havoc as a large corporation but they are just as evil. I've always preferred working for large companies or organizations. You seem to have more room to make your own space.

I don't think there is credibility in the idea that corporations are conspiring to take over the world despite various science fiction movies that push that idea. Of course, it's a rare conspiracy that is powerful enough to take over Kansas. People who are into conspiracies are usually too busy fighting each other to actually realize their goals, since people who are involved in conspiracies are rather single minded and have tunnel vision so they can't abide anyone who doesn't believe every jot and tittle of their own wacko views. This does not make for good teamwork.

The most any conspiracy that takes over a country, much less a world, seems to be able to do is kill as many people who don't believe with them before they degenerate into killing people who do agree with them on the grounds that the people who say they agree with them could be lying. Conspiracy people are not into trusting and do not have anything remotely approaching loyalty to anyone.

Anyway, all this talk about corporations as the ultimate and only evil makes a nice target but doesn't do much to help the world. There are a lot of villians that need to be exposed and, often, we are among them with are willingness to let other people do our thinking for us.

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