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Sunday, June 3, 2001

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Throwing away, again

Lately I've been getting junk email that says it's a registration confirmation. Oh, they never stop trying. At first I looked at them because I wondered if I had registered someplace on the web as you have to to see some pages, but no, they were just telling me I had won a free vacation. All I had to do is pay for the transportation, food, etc. for the privilege of staying in a cheap hotel. Uh, huh!

It's so sad about Bush's daughter. She just looks like she's not a happy person. I wonder if having her parents always busy with other stuff makes her rebellious. I know Bush drank heavily but he also quit when he decided to and I don't know that other people in their family are alcoholics (though you don't really know unless you are very close to a family). Gore's kids were caught with marijuana. Carter's daughter went through a disreputable stage though I don't remember exactly what as I was otherwise distracted and not all that interested. Reagan's kids had their ups and downs. It must be hard. It's sort of like being a missionary's kid as you always have to be on your best behaviour and too many rebel against this is various ways.

I threw away more stuff today and that was after riding by bike a few miles to a good food store to pick up some stuff I wanted to stay on a vegan diet. I went to Wild Oats and I knew better because it is just full of temptations and a little pricey. I've always tried to get anything organic or healthy at my local supermarket because not only is it cheaper, though not always, but I figure it gives the supermarkets an incentive to stock good stuff. Wild Oats always costs me more money than I had planned so it's a good thing that it's not very convenient.

I've also been reading "Yes!" magazines working for life issue and feeling irritated and depressed and in agreement in turn. It sounds so good to only work at something that really matters to you but most of us don't have that option. I like my job but I don't think I would stay if I could afford to quit. To me work has always been a way of paying the rent. If I enjoy what I'm doing, so much the better.

I have usually enjoyed what I was doing as office work has had constant changes since I've been working though I haven't always enjoyed the office culture and/or management though I've been luckier than many people. While I've had some bosses from hell, they weren't always hateful and had some good qualities and I've had good people to work with, generally.

I've always worked because I feel that you get up and go to work in the morning, even if you don't feel like it. It's part of taking responsibility for our lives. Sometimes that's all you can do as so many people need their job too much to rock too many boats. When you have children to support, or need the insurance, or whatever, you put up with what you have and make the best of it. I admire people who can move on even when they can't afford it but I never had the courage to do that. I usually had to get pushed out of a job or had another job waiting before I quit.

We do get noticed at work. There's a wall with stars on it, each one with one of our names. When we do something good we are suppose to get a little gold star on our star. I noticed the other day that I have one but I have no idea for what and am not sure who to ask. As the song in "The Sound of Music" says "I must have done something right.".

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