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Sunday, May 27, 2001

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I went up to the mall this afternoon to get in some walking. It was nice walking around in the cool and doing some window shopping at the same time. I can't get going as fast and stop to look at things but I still had a good walk. I get so irritated at people who just spread themselves across the walkway and stroll along without even thinking that other people might want to get by. This irritates me on the walk paths also. I have no problem with with strolling, I do at times also, but you need to allow people who are moving faster room to get by. It's the courteous thing to do.

There weren't as many people at the mall as I expected but I assume a lot of people are out of town or visiting people. I tried on a hat and looked through the soap and nice smelly stuff stores. I passed up the pet shop since it makes me so sad and did not buy any cinnamon rolls or fudge. I wandered through the bookstore, but didn't buy any. The only thing I did buy was some nail polish remover. When I checked out the check out lady asked how I could only buy one thing.

I took the bus to the mall and intended to take it back home but the bus was pulling out as I came up to the transit center since I dawdled more than I had planned in the last store. Being Sunday it was nearly an hour till the next bus so I walked home. It wasn't too bad while I was walking. I kept drinking water and did ok but when I got home and sat down I was so hot and had to drink some ice water and stand in front of the fan. Why do I always feel so hot when I stop? You would think I would feel hotter while I'm walking.

I'm looking at a room on H&G that is pure white except for a few black accessories. It looks so wonderfully clean and cool. I would love a white room but I have never seen an apartment with white carpet and you can't even find one in Tucson with wood floors. There are some with tile but they are more expensive. In most apartments, including mine the carpet is a ugly beige that shows every bit of dirt. I don't understand how brown shows dirt so easily.

I've been reading a couple of non-fiction books (slow work) but was too tired from the heat so I've finished one mystery and read another this evening. The first was "The Raven and the Nightingale" by Joanne Dobson. This is well done literary mystery that brings in mysteries in Edgar Allen Poe's own life. Dobson gives a good view of faculty life in a private college. I always find it amazing that people can get so vicious about an old bit of literary history but I guess to each their own. I enjoy reading literary mysteries as I find out new things about authors I've just read or heard about.

The other book was "The Bishop's Tale" by Margaret Frazer. Frazer writes a series of mysteries with a nun, Sister Frevisse, as the detective. They are set in England during medieval times. From what I've read of medieval times the people are remarkably nice but that's a small drawback. The story has Sister Frevisse at her uncle, Thomas Chaucer's funeral where another death happens to a person that everyone loves to hate. An unusual poison is involved and Sister Frevisse solves it nicely.

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