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Wednesday, May 23, 2001

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Cholesterol and alzheimers

I got my blood test results back in February and my cholesterol levels were slightly above what is the approved level and I cut back on eggs (only two or three times a week) and butter (I use olive oil to dip good bread in), etc. I just took a test in a magazine and even with slightly higher levels I'm still in good shape and the test didn't even look at exercise, which I get a lot of.

In the same magazine was an article on alzheimers which said that people who are mentally active aren't as likely to get altzheimers. That would make me feel good but Mom read voraciously and could do crossword puzzles in pen. It also said that people who have lots of activities and a wide range of experience are less likely to get altzheimers. Mom did pretty much keep to herself toward the end of her life and didn't really get out much or participate in many activities. Dad used to worry about that.

I tend to be reclusive also but I really do try to get out and do things and, of course, I really enjoy traveling which is a great way to get out of yourself even if you don't become bosom buddies with lots of people. I think just having a job to go to has really saved me during the times that I get depressed. No matter how bad I've felt, I've always gotten up and gone to work. Granted for many years it was because I wasn't paid much, had two kids to feed, and virtually no sick leave. Nothing like a little incentive to go to work. Now that I do have sick leave I'm more likely to stay home if I'm not feeling good but even so my conscience hurts me if I really take advantage of it.

I'm trying to get back into writing my journal every day also. It's so hard, especially when I've just gone to work and come home since there doesn't seem to be anything to write about, but I do feel better when I do write on a regular basis. I guess it helps to talk about things even if they aren't life shattering. The thought involved in writing has to help rewire my brain to some extent. Walking also seems to lower the incidence of alzheimers

I do worry about alzheimers but everything they know about what causes it is more conjecture than fact. All I can do is think, walk, take aspirin and hormone replacements . . and hope.

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