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Sunday, May 20, 2001

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I love the commercial about the people with the static electricity cells in their floor. They remind me of so much of the environmental movement. They have a good idea but it just doesn't work and they don't know why. After all it's so environmentally sound, why doesn't it work? I can remember diagrams for hooking a stationary bike up to your electric lines so you could power your television and keep in shape at the same time.

This turned out to be just about as popular as living in a commune. All those eager communitarians forgot that not everyone got to skip happily through a field in the sunshine because someone had to clean out the outhouses when they got too full and someone had to do dishes and slaughter those chickens and chopping wood got old after the first couple weeks, days with some. I don't mind saving the environment but I think we can do it with airconditioning.

The commerical of the kids with earphones in the back of the minivan rubs me a bit wrong. Sure there were times I wanted my kids behind a glass (or steel) wall while I was driving, but according to recent statistics parents are spending slightly more time with their kids but the majority of that time is in the car while driving them somewhere. If you cut out the driving togetherness you're back to not a whole lot of togetherness. I know, if I had small kids I would want the earphones on them too (if not bound and gagged), but it nevertheless just doesn't seem right to me.

What a lovely day. I rode up to the grocery store this morning as Darkcloud insisted on eating but, other than that, I've stayed at home and done some web surfing and caught up on a few forums that I never seem to have time for. Now that Google (who took over Deja) finally have the ability to reply and post in the newsgroups I can more easily check them out. I did a little cooking but didn't get to any cleaning that I had planned. Oh, well, the apartment looks pretty good anyway.

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