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Wednesday, May 16, 2001

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Moving day

It was sort of chilly riding my bike to work this morning. I did have on shorts and a tshirt but the wind from the riding was cool. It was so nice. I got to work early enough to sit outside for a while eating breakfast and looking at the trees. Small trees, they only planted them about four years ago, but a nice green to look at.

Inside we soon descended into chaos as we moved. Our area traded places with another area so we basically had to all move at once and even then we kept getting into each other's way. What an incredible amount of junk came out of the drawers and behind everything was dirt and staples and paperclips. Behind the computers was dust. I'm afraid our cleaning people take a rather lax view of what constitutes vacuuming the floor and we don't notice what's behind our stuff on our desks.

I love my new desk. I can look out at the mountains. It's better than a cigarette break.

I've been trying to keep polish on my nails so they don't chip away so now just the polish chips. Last night I looked at my nails and the polish looked bad. It looks bad on me after two days. I cannot fathom how people can go for a week without a chip. I decided to wait till tonight since I knew the moving would not be good to them. It wasn't. After pulling out pins and unplugging, plugging and crawling around on the floor, they were shot. I like having polish on but I generally can't keep it up for more than a few days because it is so time consuming and soon gone.

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