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Tuesday, May 15, 2001

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Sun and relaxing

It's hot waiting for the bus in the afternoon. We face west and there isn't a lot of shade. I really need to live east or south of where I work because it gets very uncomfortable in the summer. It's a come down from the morning. It is such a joy walking to work. It's getting warmer but there is still a freshness that you don't find later on.

Now that I start work and hour later, though it's been closer to half an hour later due to our reorganization and increased work load, I have time to take it easy getting up and getting to work. It's interesting how much difference there is in the walk when it's just half an hour to an hour later. The day labor place has less people hanging around since they start work early. There's more traffic on the road and it just seems like the city is coming awake. There's always traffic on the streets but Tucson is not a city that never sleeps.

For years I've heard liberals say that one way to improve the environment is to price fuel higher so people don't use as much. Now that that's happening they're whining. They want other people's fuel to be rpiced higher, not theirs. Actually I do think that if there is a short supply of fuel the price does need to be allowed to rise. If the price is artificially held down no one has an incentive to develop new sources of power. I certainly am glad that I live in a free utilities apartment though, I'm sure, if prices stay high the rent will go up more than normal when I renew.

Cat is lying on her side on my bed and is so relaxed that she looks flattened out. I wish I could relax like that. I keep trying relaxation exercises but my mind tends to wander off. I try counting and the next thing I know I'm thinking about something and have forgotten to keep counting.

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