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Saturday, May 12, 2001

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Allergies and weight

I've been so busy at work since I got back from vacation that I just want to stare at the television and I'm getting very lazy about writing my journal. I think of things I want to say while I'm walking to work or listening to the news but I sit down at night and do nothing. I just looked at my journal and this is only the third entry this month.

My allergies have been killing me too. I have never had them this bad. I heard again that plants in the house help allergies as they take up chemicals so maybe I'll have to get some plants again. I got rid of all of mine since I forget about them and they die, but maybe I need to try again. We've had this haze of dust in the air for a few days that's coming in from Mexico and that certainly doesn't help. We did get just a sprinkle this afternoon but that was a fluke as our nice rains don't start till the end of June.

I am already cringing when I hear "Timothy McVeigh" on the news. The thought that he might walk is so sad. I wasn't crazy about him being executed since I don't like the death penalty but I don't want him to walk free because the FBI screwed up. It's rather ironic since the reason he bombed the Murrah Building was because the FBI screwed up in Waco.

If Bush wants to leave a real legacy he needs to straighten out the FBI. They are locked in failure as long as their desire for justice, and I do think the FBI wants justice, is running up against their obsessive desire for security and secrecy. In fact the entire government, all governments, can blame much of their lack of progress on an obsessive belief in secrecy. This irritates me as I don't believe that the end justifies the means.

I got some pictures of our trip to Washington DC from Lisa yesterday. It was so nice to remember being together. She also sent a sweet book on mothers and some peanut brittle. The peanut brittle is gone. She's such a sweetie. I am a lucky mother to have the great kids I have.

I've actually lost five pounds in the last couple months. I'm not sure how since I basically quit dieting and just tried to eat reasonably. And I weighed myself after I ate the peanut brittle! It's been over a year since I lost weight, and then it was only a pound or two, and it stayed off so this is great. I'm sort of holding my breath to see if it lasts and/or continues.

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