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Saturday, May 5, 2001

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Blood and money

The Red Cross called me earlier in the week and I felt guilty as I hadn't been in a few months so I donated blood this morning. It was quiet. The two nurses kept busy but there wasn't anyone waiting. They changed the check on iron back to pricking your finger instead of your ear, which I'm glad of. I didn't get high enough on the ear prick all the time and I know others who don't either. I don't understand how blood from one part of the body can have less iron than blood from another part of the body.

I did a little shopping, a couple books stores and the bread store, nothing strenuous, but by three o'clock I felt so tired I took a nap for a couple hours. I dozed more than slept but I was tired. It's only a little after nine and I'm yawning again.

I paid bills and balanced my accounts today, which always makes me feel righteous, like I've accomplished something. I guess it comes from too many years of not being able to balance much or pay all the due bills. My children seem to be so much better at handling their money than I am, which is sad. I'm very glad for them, but it's sad about me. I don't know how I can worry so much about money but still spend more than I should. You would think that the worry would keep me within bounds.

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