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Sunday, April 29, 2001

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Furniture moving

I went to the store this morning, at eight, and the weather was so nice that I took a ten mile detour and rode my bike down the Rillito. It was busy and I enjoyed watching the people as well as enjoying the weather. The willows were already dropping their blossoms but the saguaros have tiny buds on the top so they'll be coming out soon.

My idea of spring cleaning is to move my furniture, which is what I did today. It wasn't easy since my bed is still sitting in the middle of my studio because the murphy bed mechanism broke and I can't get it to go back up. The apartment is suppose to fix it but no word from them so far. They said someone was moving out and they would take the mechanism out of that bed.

I finally put up the second curtain rod on my window, and I now have two rows of scarves as curtains. They look nice. I enjoy looking at my scarves instead of just having them folded in baskets. The airconditioning hit's them slightly so they flutter even when the window is closed. It's very soothing.

In the process I vacuumed as I moved as I feel I need to take an opportunity to vacuum in all those places I never usually get too since I get lazy and don't always move furniture when I vacuum. My vacuum broke. Actually the belt quit turning and was just running in place and making a nasty smell as it heated up. Usually I can clean it but it's beyond that at this point.

While doing all this I watched, well, listened to television and a lot of junk. One item that caught my eye was that despite the power crunch in California, many housing developments don't allow clotheslines. That is so stupid. What? They don't want people to think they would have as neighbors people who didn't use the lastest in appliances? Or is it that they wouldn't want anyone to think they had neighbors who were seen doing housework?

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