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Tuesday, April 24, 2001

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We had our employee picnic this afternoon and I enjoyed it. I've enjoyed it the previous years also but it was more that it was better to be at the picnic than at work. This time I really had fun. The weather was great and I think more people got into the activities. The organizers did a good job. Even when I wasn't doing anything it was relaxing to just enjoy watching the others.

I got a little lazy about making sure that internet payments had gone through ok and one didn't. Busted! When I explained to the customer service they said others had the same problem and reversed the late charges but I'm less confident about paying online. I was enjoying it but now I'll have to double check that the payments went through ok. It's one thing to have a payment for a subscription disappear, which has happened to me, but for a credit card payment to disappear is scary.

I checked out a stack of books when I got back from vacation a couple weeks ago and I still haven't gotten to them. I just can't get in the mood to read them. One of them is a book I've been trying to get to for a couple months now but it's a big book and I'm slowly working on it. I find so many books that sound interesting when I go to the library but I have a hard time sitting down and reading them. I start watching television or I'm working my webpages or I just don't feel like thinking.

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