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Sunday, April 22, 2001

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Spring on the Rillito

It was beautiful walking along the Rillito this afternoon. It was in the 70s with just a bit of chill. If it hadn't been clear and sunny I would have needed a jacket but with the sun it felt refreshing. The palo verdes are clouds of gold as they bloom and the mesquites are putting on new leaves. The sky was a deep blue, everywhere was green and between these was the purple of the mountains. I love walking on days like this.

I had been the the mall to pick up some body powder as it's nice to use when I walk to work. It's getting difficult to find nice powder as many lines don't make it anymore. You can always get medicated or baby powder but Bath & Body Works is the only place I can find nicely scented powder. Actually I did find it in a couple other places but the scents were a bit cloying and were much more expensive.

I wonder what happened to the big powder puffs that I remember. That was considered so cool when I was younger and it was so much fun to puff your whole body which scented powder. Now there are body sprays and such but I want something to soak up the moisture when it's hot, not add more.

I'm watching a program on tunnels and part of it is about the DC metro. I'm saying to myself "I've been there" and "I recognize that" which is one of the big perks of travel. I love to read a book and they talk about street I've been on or to watch television and actually see a place where I've been. It makes me feel like a citizen of the world, well, a citizen of the Americas since I haven't been to any of the continents except north America. The next program was about Brooklyn Bridge, that I walked across a month ago. How cool!

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