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Thursday, April 19, 2001

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Clouds and "good children"

I haven't been walking as much this week as I like so when I came out of work and it was cloudy and cool I just walked home. It was so nice. A lady from work came up in her car while I was waiting for a light and offered me a ride but I was into the walk and just waved her off. Another one who thinks I'm crazy. While I don't mind getting a ride when I need to, sometimes I just have to say no because people don't understand that I enjoy walking.

It's suppose to stay cool and cloudy this weekend so I'm hoping to get in a hike before it gets too hot. It's a little crazy now since we go from 70 to 90 and back down within a week. It'll get hot and stay hot before long.

I've been wearing red and blue all week as it's Employee Recognition Week and we're suppose to wear school colors to show our spirit. I've never had much school spirit but I try to show that we have solidarity, or some crap, but not only am I running out of red shirts, I'm very tired of red and blue. I'm so glad this week is over for another year. I do like the people I work with and it's nice that the upper levels encourage this sort of thing but it can be very tiring to someone like me who isn't big on being a part of a group.

I did decorate my coworker's cubby as it's her birthday this weekend and another has a birthday coming up that I'll decorate for. I'm much better at this. It would never have occurred to me in years past but people like this sort of thing so it's little enough to hopefully get people to think that I'm a real people person. I don't think I'm fooling them too much but at least they don't know what a solitary person I really am.

The big report on the news today has been the report that children who spend much time in daycare are more assertive. The words used tend to be aggressive and pushy. Everyone is apalled but I would like better definitions. These descriptions were given by parents, daycare workers and kindergarten teachers. Could it just be that these people want docile kids so they aren't any trouble. My children were certainly not docile and very aggressive and pushy at times, but they also have turned into fine people because this lack of docility also meant they didn't believe everything they heard and learned to think for themselves. So does this study mean that they'll be juvenile delinquents or just that they don't say "yes, sir/ma'm" or "no, sir/ma'm" as often or as quickly as the caretakers would like? Some more depth and details, please. I always worry about cultures that want docile, obedient children.

Television is getting so old. I have not been able to find a thing the last week that interested me except the news and once that's been repeated five times I'm sick of it. I think I'll just turn everything off and read tonight.

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