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Tuesday, April 17, 2001

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And the bus wins!

Well today started out interesting. My bus, on the way to work, was hit by a truck. The light had turned green and the bus started through the intersection when a truck ran right into it. I was reading so I didn't know until people started shouting but everyone says that the woman had her head down like she was sleeping and didn't even slow down. The front of the pickup was in bad shape though she seemed ok. Then she tells the paramedics that she was just a passenger and the guy who was driving ran away. Uh huh! Well that's not going to fly.

A couple people who were in seats facing the center were hurt as they went flying, and one guy whose arm had just healed and had a pin in it, hurt it again bracing himself, but the rest of us were fine. Then we spent over an hour while the paramedics questioned everyone, then Suntrans people arrived and asked if everyone was ok and then the police got on and started asking questions. I had a cell phone to call work and several other people asked if they could use it, which was fine as I rarely use up my free minutes, and usually use less than half.

One of our employee recognition activities today was matching names with pictures of people on campus, most of them from our building. I'm sorry to say that I don't know most of them. Some I know their face and can say "Hi" to them but most I had no clue. The U of A does have about 20,000 employees but still! All day long you would see people standing in the hall scratching their head.

We're in the 90s and it's going to stay that way till Friday when it goes down to the 80s. It feels good right now but I know it's going to get old fast. Of course in a couple of months 90s will feel fairly comfortable. A cool spell!

Cat is just lolling on the floor. She looks so comfortable. What does she know? Does she know anything or only feel things?

I finished reading "Murder Shoots the Bull" by Anne George. The southern sisters, Patricia Anne and Mary Alice join an investment club and get involved with a murder. Their neighbor is accused of murdering his first wife, who no one knew he had, who had named him executor of her estate. Patricia Anne's practicality and Mary Alice's fashion sense and knowledge of money lead them to resolve both the investments and the murder. This is an enjoyable series.

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