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Sunday, April 15, 2001

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King Lear

It has been such a busy week. I came right back from vacation into preparations for Employee Recognition Week. The team has a bunch of crafty people and me. I feel like such a klutz as we put together all the cute little things to hand out. Well this has stressed me out. Compared to that catching up on work was a breeze.

I went to see King Lear today. That is a depressing play. They set it, kind of, in the World War I era, but the shakespearian language wasn't too bad. I kept wanting to shout at the characters, don't be an idiot, then I realized this was a classic harlequin plot. The harlequins and other romance novels have happy endings and they don't kill everyone, but the misunderstandings were pure romance novel. You have the bad bitches whose lies everyone believes and the pure and sweet one who is misunderstood yet endures without complaining.

I never have understood why everyone believes the liars. I would like to say that this isn't how it is in real life but then I remember the Clintons. I would also like to say that the pure and noble one will win in the end but they don't always. Life sucks and it's not like a romance novel or King Lear. It's rather boring, actually, which takes a lot more fortitude, especially when you feel like you've been treated badly and can't do anything about it.

I was holding my breath or fiddling most of the play since the problem with live plays is that I can't change channels or get something to eat when things get tense. I'm not too bad at a movie theatre since I paid for it but I have left movies for a few minutes. It's hard leaving a play when they close the door and you're more noticeable. I cross and uncross my legs and grab my hands and find myself leaning forward. I don't handle suspense well.

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