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Thursday, April 5, 2001

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NYC to St Louis

Lisa dropped me off at 7:00 AM at the Port Authority and there were already a few people waiting. By 8:00am the driver had us loaded. A few late comers and we were off. I had the front right seat. I keep wanting to say “front passenger seat” but they’re all passenger seats. There was major traffic getting to the Lincoln Tunnel. The tunnel is so cool with all that white tile. On the New Jersey side incoming traffic is lined up for miles including the bus lane which seemed to have an unending line of buses.

We take the NJ turnpike to Newark for a quick stop. Newark has a crumbling concrete and old stone infrastructure. We head west on I-78. We took US-22 west into Easton PA and crossed the Delaware River on a steel erector set bridge. There are old brick houses on hills and a memorial to Shiloh in the center of the town circle. We a pass through a mix of rural farmland, new residential and neat industrial.

We get off on PA-145 into Bethleman then PA-412. The bus then traveled through city streets to Allentown. Both towns run together with their old industrial infrastructure set on rolling hills with narrow roads. From there we took PA-145 north out of Allentown to US-22 west to where it joined I-78. We stayed on 78 till it became I-81.

I saw the capital building in Harrisburg but had only twenty five minutes to transter so I' ll check it out some other time. It's a nice town on the Susquehanna River. We left on I-83 south, PA-581 west, and, finally, I-76, the Pennsylvania Turnpike. I snoozed to wake up as we were going through a tunnel, one of two.

We transfer onto the bus coming from Philadelphia. The front seat has a lady with a dog and a guy she is with. The other side is also taken which is just as well because the lady is a little whiffy. I'm several seats back but at least I'm by myself for most of the day.

Pennsylvania goes from gently rolling land with well kept farms in the east to more hilly land with scruffier farms as we go west. We go through another tunnel between Bedford and Somerset then it's back to gently rolling land with patches of snow on it. It's pretty country and relaxing to just sit and enjoy it after all the sightseeing I've been doing.

We get on US-22 and I-376 into Pittsburgh and out of Pittsburgh on US-22 past yellow bridges and through another tunnel. It's evening as we pass through the panhandle of West Virginia and into Ohio and follow US-22 to I-70 west. Pennsylvania took all day. What a long state.

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