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Wednesday, April 4, 2001

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The Brooklyn Bridge and Chicago

What a wonderful day this was. It started out by Lisa and I walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. We had to take three trains to get close to the Brooklyn end of the bridge and then we walked to Manhattan. There were quite a few people and I had to watch as I dashed back and forth taking pictures to not get in the bike lanes and get run over. We got up to the pedestrian walkway which was in the middle and above the auto lanes, through steps cut in the center of one of the underpasses. right through the stonework.

We could see all up and down the East River and even the Statue of Liberty. East of us was the Manhattan Bridge and, in the distance, the Williamsburg Bridge that we were on yesterday. The stone arches were huge when you were walking right up to them. They had displays of how the bridge was built in the wide areas around the arches and explanations of what we were seeing. As we got closer to Manhattan there were more people coming one, many of them in large tour groups. The weather was great and we enjoyed ourselves.

We came out by city hall and the Woolworth Building. This is a good group of older, historic buildings. We walked around city hall and took a subway to Times Square. This was quite a change with swarms of people and noise everywhere. We walked around a little and then stopped for lunch in a three story McDonalds. Only in NYC do they have highrise fast food places.

In the afternoon Lisa took me to see "Chicago, The Musical". It was wonderful. To begin with The Shubert Theatre was so beautiful. The painted ceilings and walls were great and I tried to take some pictures. I hope they come out ok. The musical was even better. We were in the center of the main floor and packed in. I was getting just a little claustrophic as I don't like places I can't get out of easily, but once the musical started I forgot all about it.

It took me a bit to figure out what was going on as I hadn't ever really heard the plot, only some of the songs. Once I caught on I loved the way it was done. It definitely wasn't Rodger and Hammerstein but it was excellent. All those cute dancers were just an added attraction, and women were ok too.

Afterwards Lisa took me a little french restaurant in the village which was a wonderful ending to a wonderful day. We had a wait a little for the restaurant to open so we sat in Washington Square and watched the jugglers and musicians. There was a protest we stopped at for a few minutes. Something about graduate students being in solidarity with grocery store workers. Ok.

The restaurant was a small place down some stairs. The tables were packed in tightly and the food was delicious. What a perfect end to a great day and a great visit with my daughter. She is such a sweetie. I'm always proud that she's my daughter, and I always have been.

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