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Monday, April 2, 2001

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On to NYC

We saw all the monuments today. It was fun seeing Lisa's reactions to them and I enjoyed seeing them again. We took our luggage up to Union Station first thing and left them in a locker so we wouldn't have to go back to the hostel. We started with the White House, worked our way through the Vietnam Memorial and over to the Lincoln Memorial. This was the one Lisa really wanted to see and it is cool.

We then worked our way around the FDR, Jefferson and Washington monuments and by then we were so ready for lunch. The best places to eat in Washington are the cafeterias in the museums. The food is good, the price is reasonable and they are right there. The choices outside of the the museums are rather expensive or hard to find. It was good to sit down.

After a little museum cruising it was time to catch the train back to New York. This is a totally different group of people from the bus riders. The train people whipped out their cell phones and laptops and got to work. The train is nice and you go through areas without roads, though not many. It seems to find even worse parts of cities to go through. The BWI airport stop was in the middle of nowhere. There were just a bunch of trees and a platform. I'm still wondering about that one. This is my second train ride and I still think bus riding is more interesting.

It was good to finally get to Lisa's place after the train ride and a couple subways. My cat's sister, Alky, even let me pet her so maybe there's a little spot of remembrance in her head. You know, a feeling she has that once upon a time this person fed her. Cat love. Alky's roommate, Tweetie, is so old and sad. She just eats and cries for more to eat. Poor baby. She's Lisa's roommate's cat.

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