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Sunday, April 1, 2001

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DC with Lisa

Since daylight savings time started today I set my watch and my alarm clock last night so I would have the right time today and not miss meeting Lisa when she arrived. I went out for breakfast and checked an exhibit or two until it was time to take the metro to Union Station. I went down in the metro and was waiting when I noticed all their clocks were an hour later. I panicked wondering if I'd set my watch wrong and had left Lisa waiting, wondering where I was. Luckily it was the metro clocks that were wrong. We are so smart in Arizona to ignore daylight savings time.

Lisa was waiting as she had caught an earlier train, but just for a few minutes. It was so nice to see her. I enjoyed showing her Washington. Well, it was my second time there. It was fun sightseeing with her. She's one of the few people that I enjoy sightseeing and traveling with. My son is fun too but he's not into museums as much as I am so he gets bored sooner.

We went the the Air and Space Museum, which was the first time for me, and looked at the Wright brother's plane, walked through a space station and went through a really fun exhibit about how planes fly. There were all kinds of experiments we could do to demonstate lift and all that. I really didn't understand much of it but I had fun. Then we went on down the mall and saw Old Glory being restored at the Museum of American History, which is a very well done exhibit. They tell how they took it down and lay it flat so they could work on it. It's behind a large glass window so people can watch it being worked on. There's a platform that the restorers lie on that runs above the flag so that it's not damaged. That must be a very tiring job and, I'm sure, requires more patience than I have.

After we had settled our stuff for the night at the hostel we decided to go out for some coffee since the dining room was crowded. They are doing some remodeling so there aren't many places for people to sit. We wandered around downtown Washington and found that nearly everything, and all coffee shops, close by eight o'clock. The capital of our country closes down by eight at night. A lifeless place. How sad! There was a showing of The Sound of Music but we didn't think we wanted to go. It had one of the Brady guys as the Baron and somehow this just didn't sound right to me.

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