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Tuesday, March 27, 2001

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Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia

We took I-110 out of Baton Rouge, and then I-17 to Slidell where I-10 came back up from New Orleans. We followed I-10 into Alabama to Mobile where we turned north on I-65. We took US-90 into Mobile to a gray metal bus station. The interstates ran between rows of tall pÔnes with several cool bridges. Why do states think that shutting out the landscape makes their roads more scenic? After Mobile we went over several miles of bridges in one area, one bridge would end and another would begin. On the map it looked like several rivers intertwined. There were some bright red flowers in medians.

We left the interstate to take AL-21 to Atmore past a large cemetery to a little town with a railroad running through it. We pass a truck with thin pines that look like they are about to fall off. The pines along the interstate have thinned out and I can see some of the countryside. Itís mainly scraggly pines but I welcome not being so boxed in. We also are in a hillier area and the highway winds and dips itís way along. We follow US-84 east and US-31 north to Evergreen then follow AL-83 north back to the interstate along a winding road through the hills. It was AL-10 and AL-283 to and from Greenville.

We hit all the little towns then US-31 and US-80 into Montgomery. It's good to stretch our legs for a supper break as all the stops were so short it was hardly worth getting off. The smokers made a run for it whenever the driver would allow but I stayed on the bus most of the time. Once again I've hit the south where the bus stations do not have nonfat milk. Most of them don't even have lowfat milk. Bananas are showing up more but that's about as healthy as it gets.

About half way to Columbus, GA we got off the interstate and followed AL-183 and US-80 into Georgia. It was dark by then and I dozed as we got on I-185 and then I-85 into Atlanta. Atlanta is always a zoo with so many buses coming in and out. We were kicked off the bus as it was a cleaning stop and it was an hour later, at midnight, that we got back on. Several of us huddled together, half asleep, figuring we wouldn't all miss our reboarding call.

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