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Saturday, March 24, 2001

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Dad wandered out at 6:30 this morning as he had been awake an hour and wanted to start on his vitamins. He told me to keep on sleeping but his long ritual of many vitamins and health potions was not something that I could really sleep through. He thinks he's being quiet but will not wear a hearing aid so doesn't realize how loud he is. After a simple breakfast of oatmeal and protein drink and coffee (Dad is sweet and buys coffee for us when we come) we took a tour of the building. I met the manager who seems very nice and invited Dad for dinner next week. That's great that he has people to get together with.

We then went out so I could buy a few things. First we went to a mall so I could get some reading material for the trip since I was not getting interested in the book I had brought. I looked up bookstores and in this area there are thirteen bookstore, six of them are christian. This is certainly a great place for a missionary center. I found a mystery and a magazine but I must say their selection sucks. I don't think of Tucson as being ahead of the game but in all the bookstores in Tucson we have a much better selection of magazines.

It rained most of the day and I remembered how cozy these kinds of days are to stay inside but I enjoyed the smell of the rain. Everything is so green. Dallas always reminds me of a park with all the wide roads and grass. We got to the mall before things were open and walked around a little. They were setting up for a major dominos tournament at which a senator and mayor were going to play. According to the lady we talked with, they are good players. What a fun thing to participate in. The money raised was going to Meals on Wheels.

We visited a museum on the SIL grounds that was small but nice. It featured some native cultures around the world. They had quite a few of the bible translations there including several of Dad's. He put so much of himself into the translations that it's nice when they are on display.

I'm glad to know Dad's in a good place. He's found a church he likes and is meeting more and more people. He seems to be making his apartment his home. I'm not really sure why he decided to up and move and I worry that it's too much change what with Mom dying last year also, but he's a coper so I do hope he'll be happy in Dallas.

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