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Friday, March 23, 2001

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To Dallas

At 1:45 am they kicked us all off at El Paso, TX and told us that we would be put on the other bus. Unfortunately no one told the new drivers and they didn't call our reboarding number. I ended up near the back of the bus and I hope they remembered to put our baggage on. One thing I don't like about the back of the bus is that the young guys sit back there and seem to use an obscenity every other word. Oh dear me! I'm saying 'young guy' . I'm not that old, am I? I don't care if people swear but it gets a bit irritating that they don't have any other way of expressing themselves.

We were boarded by the border patrol as we left El Paso on I-10 and they asked us all if we were US citizens and looked at the papers of those who weren't. They came on again at Monahans where we had a stop. All across the border areas I've had the patrol check out the buses. They seem polite and no one has ever been dragged off while I was riding, either.

I'm always amazed anew at how flat west Texas is. Arizona is flat but there are always mountains surrounding us. West Texas is just flat and sky. There are oil rigs scattered as far as I can see and we pass an oil rig graveyard and a refinery. Odessa is a scruffy looking town but as we get nearer to Midland every thing looks better, According to a guy getting off, in Odessa anything goes but in Midland, the president’s town, as he put it, you can’t get away with much.

I get a seatmate at Midland who is going back to Dallas. She’s reading ”How To Drive Your Man Wild in Bed“ that she found at herfather’s house. She wondered why her father would have it. Uh huh. She had been in drug rehab for four months. She was self medicating with drugs she got from her husbands's cousin and her husband didn't even know. She finally checked herself into rehab and the whole family was surprised. I think that many people who rant about nasty druggies would be surprised at how many of their family and friends were on drugs.

There are dustings of yellow flowers along the interstate. We get into an area with plowed fields and sheep surrounded by scrub. After Big Springs a few low hills appear and the land becomes more rolling. After Sweetwater I notice the dirt is red. I remembcr that from Oklahoma.

The guy across the aisle also has a Palm that he just bought as a present for his wife. We discussed how to use it and I felt quite experienced after just a few weeks of ownership.

Abilene is a nice town that looks like it’s been cleaned up a little. The land becomes rolling farmland and after Eastland it gets even hillier. Everything is green except the trees, some of which are just now starting to bud out.

We finally were coming into Ft. Worth and Dallas. It's always exciting to see a new skyline come into view. There was a quick stop in Ft Worth to load and unload and then on to Dallas. It's been over twenty nine years since I lived in Dallas but there were still a few things I recognized. I've come through at night the last couple of times so it was nice to see it in daylight. Dad was waiting for me even though we were a bit early. It was so nice to see him.

It was a very hazardous drive to his place as it was rush hour and Dad does not have the reflexes he used to and he never had the best concentration. We managed to get thoroughly lost and probably ticked off a lot of other drivers, and Texas gave him a ten year license. He lives in a beautiful retirement center in the southwest corner of Dallas. It looks like a very nice hotel with an enormous lobby and lounges and nicely set up apartments with small kitchens and bathrooms with the rails and seats for older people.

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