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Thursday, March 22, 2001

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Leaving Tucson

I was sitting in the Tucson bus station, at 7:00 waiting for the bus to Dallas. It's not too crowded so I hoped for a better seat. No such luck. Two buses pull up but they are pretty full so end up about a third of the way back with a seatmate. The guy behind him is a jerk and argues with him about putting his seat back a little so he moves and I have the seat to myself.

It's 8:00 pm when we leave, heading east on I-10, so I try to doze a little, but no luck so after an hour I take a sleeping pill. I doze off and on through the night and get better sleep than I usually do on a bus.

The traffic on I-10 comes to a total stop in the middle of nowhere for about ten minutes. When we finally crawl pass the wreck there is a semi cab that is smoking and totally burned out. It's always strange when traffic stops in the middle of nowhere, especially at night. Most of the vehicles are semis so all their lights light up a pitch black landscape. This was in New Mexico and there were no lights anywhere else.

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