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Wednesday, March 14, 2001

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Shuttle flight

We had such a cool team building day at work. We went to the Pima Air & Space Museum in Tucson where there is a full mockup of the Challenger shuttle. They have a program, designed for 6th graders so we fit right in, where a group splits up with half in mission control and half in the shuttle and they have a manual that you start going through, just like a real mission. After an hour we switch places.

It was so much fun. I had the best job because I was data officer so I had time to look around when I wasn't sending or receiving. They have done an excellent job of setting this up as we had to work together, often without understanding what was going on. It was set up by the widows and friends of the Challenger disaster victims and has school groups as it's first priority. Companies started asking to go through it and now they are fitted in when no school has reservations, as they get first choice. For a pricey amount companies are finding that this is a great team building exercise and so much more fun than so many yawn producing team building ideas.

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