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Saturday, March 10, 2001

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Old houses

I finally went on a walk of the historic homes in dowtown Tucson that's put on by the Arizona Historical Society. This is one of those things that you always think you would enjoy doing but never do because you live here and figure you can do it some other time. I finally made an appointment and I did enjoy it. Why do we put off so many things that we really do enjoy?

The guide was an older man who took the persona of a saloon keeper in the last half of the 1800s. He was very good and very funny. We started at the Sosa-Carillo-Fremont house which is part of the Arizona Historical Society then wandered through Tucson to see old adobe homes, bungalow homes and very nice mansions. He showed us a home that was gutted by fire and recently sold for one million dollars and will take a bunch more to fix up. Tucson realty prices are so low compared to the rest of the country that one million for a not very big home is amazing.

I admire people who fix up old historic homes and enjoy watching stories about them on HGTV but I know I would never be willing to spend that kind of money and time fixing up a house, but the end product is wonderful. There is something about all the polished wood or ornate decorations or, in the case of Tucson's early home, the use of mesquite wood and adobe walls, that is just wonderful when it is repaired and cleaned.

I found a freebie program to put pictures and maps on my palm so I spent the rest of the day playing with it. This just like getting my first computer. I'm sure I will get used to it and then I'll just mess with stuff that I need, not cute stuff that sound cool. In the mean time . .

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