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Sunday, March 04, 2001

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Beautiful day

What a great day it was today. I didn't leave the apartment till noon since I was enjoying a leisurely morning. I started out on my bike to the store but the day was so perfect for bike riding that I detoured to the Rillito riverwalk and rode west to the end of the bike bath. Going west was wonderful as I was zipping along. Coming back is always harder since it's slightly uphill but today a stiff breeze was blowing straight at me and I felt like I was riding up a steep hill. The day was so great that I didn't mind and just rode slowly and stopped a couple times to rest.

The riverwalk wasn't as busy as I thought it would be but I suppose most people actually got going before noon. I have been on it when it was like rush hour and the choreography necessary to avoid running over each other is a real mental strain.

The clouds were wispy against a pale blue sky and there must be high winds also as the clouds were crosshatched against the sky. It wasn't a warm day since there was just enough of a cool wind to keep you moving but I didn't need to wear my jacket.

I picked up some curtain rods as I want to hang some of the embroidered cloths I have as curtains. The first layer is up. I plan on three layers so I can pick and chose the light and/or privacy that I want. I'm tired of always having the levelor blinds in the way of the light. This is going to be a work in progress as I'm already thinking of ways I could arrange it to be better. It's nice having the cloths up where I can see them.

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