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Thursday, March 01, 2001

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The broken bed

I just saw a program on the tv listings about commemorating the 70th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe's birth. I just can't quite handle the idea of a 70 year old Marilyn Monroe. There are some people that cannot be envisioned as old.

Due to a discussion at work I've marked all my credit cards in the signature area "Ask for ID". A couple people said their bank had even told them too. Too many clerks don't look closely enough to see if the signature on the card and the signature on the sales slip match. Of course now I need to keep my credit cards separate from my identification, that is my drivers license.

My bed broke last night. It's a murphy bed and comes down from the wall. There's a counterweight that makes it easy to go up and down and a half inch steel bar that is used in the mechanism snapped. It sounded like a gun going off and scared me. Now I can't get my bed up since it's much too heavy without the counter weight. I meant to call the office today and forgot so my living room is all bed. I have my desk and computer in the dining room so I'm ok but everything is a bit crowded.

I was glad Mike called yesterday to let me know he's ok since he's up in Seattle where they had the earthquake. I was surprised that there wasn't more damage since it's such an old city. It sounds like most of the damage was in the older parts but even that wasn't as bad as it could have been. My nightmare is the bay bridge in San Francisco and pictures of the cars on the bottom level crushed by the top level. Everytime I cross that bridge I find myself tensing up.

It was fun to see the pictures and think "I know where that is" or "I have a picture of that". The best part of traveling is not to just see new places but to be able to bring them back later when you see a picture of where you were. It makes the news so much more interesting.

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