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Sunday, February 25, 2001

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Cross dressing

A lady at work's house burned down and we're helping them with stuff they need. They were renting and didn't have insurance so they really have to start from scratch. I looked for king size sheets and pillows yesterday and couldn't believe how much they cost. It's amazing how much all the stuff we have costs to replace. I don't have much and it would cost a small fortune.

I saw a program on television last night about heterosexual cross dressers. I often wondered why women can wear just anything that men wear but men can't wear what women wear without being severely ostracized. They stick to those boring suits. The only item of men's apparel that I don't think women wear are jockstraps. Men in both flowing robes (Rudolph Valentino) and kilts (Braveheart) have always had sex appeal so the hysteria against men who wear dresses is a little hard to understand.

There was one guy who didn't try to look like a woman with wigs and pancake makeup, but just liked to wear women's clothes and was openly a guy wearing womens clothes; and happily married. He is designing dresses for men to wear as men. That is cool! The clothes were loose and flowing which I'm sure is a real plus for men who have always worn tight, constricting clothes.

This was a lazy day. Oh, I did laundry and some shopping but that didn't take long and I read and watched television and piddled around. It was gray and seemed like a nice day to relax and take it easy. I half read a couple mysteries but couldn't get into them. It was a hot chocolate day only I don't have any and by the time I figured this out I wasn't interested ingoing up to the store to get some.

Extreme Homes had a house decorated in tacky hawaiian restaurant decor. It is so cool. They honeymooned in Hawaii thirty years ago and have made their home into a little bit of the tropics. They have paper lamps and vines everywhere. Dolphins leaping, large dolphins leaping, flowers, fishing nets, leis everywhere, They had a problem with the kitchen for a long time because it looked normal but they've taken care of that. The whole house is crowded with their decorations. I love people who follow their own dreams.

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