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Tuesday, February 20, 2001

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Cat and taxes

My father was 87 this last Sunday. Wow! I hope he reaches 90 and beyond. That is a lot of years. I feel bad that in my 50s I am more bored and without purpose than he is in his late 90s.

I finished reading "Hunting Mister Heartbreak" by Jonathan Raban. Set in the 80s, Raban lives briefly in several cities around the US and tells us what he sees and hears from New York City to Guntersville, Alabama and then, in a change of pace, Seattle. He even lives in an airport for several days. He has a real fixation on how planes and airports affect americans and immigrants. I can't say that they've ever been as important in my life as he seems to feel. I always preferred the road trip, but I enjoyed the book as I watched places through his eyes. He has a gift for helping us see things that we thought we'd seen before.

Cat is just stretched out on the floor. Oh, I wish I could relax like that. There is nothing so totally relaxed as a sleeping cat. She always starts out sleeping with me but by the time I've flipped flopped a couple times and tugged the blankets to and fro, she ends up someplace else. In the very middle of the night I've woken up to hear her bounding around madly pretending to be the mighty hunter. She's winking her golden eyes at me now as she lies on her back. I'm yawning just from watching her and have this urge to curl up in bed and go to sleep.

I paid my state tax, a big $13.00, today. Usually I wait till April but it's such a piddly amount I figured I might as well get it over. I've already spent my federal refund on my Palm organizer. It certainly came at the right time. I don't mind paying taxes as they are the price we pay for a civilized society. I don't care for many of the things taxes are spent on, and think we would do just find if we paid less, but I don't have any interest in living in a society where it's every person for themselves.

I feel so relaxed I keep zoning out. I wish I could stay this relaxed when I go to bed. I seem to wake right up when I lay down. I've tried all the tips like not going to bed till I'm tired and only going to bed to sleep and not watching anything exciting on tv before hand and, and, and. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. It's gotten so I tense up when I go to bed even when I'm tired. About once or twice a week I have to take a sleeping pill but that's staying about the same. It's so wonderful when I can go to bed and fall asleep for the whole night.

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