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Sunday, February 18, 2001

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I had tickets for a play this afternoon and had to get there nearly an hour early due to our poor bus service on Sunday. It was such a beautiful day that I grabbed a sub and sat in the tree area in the university, just inside the main gate area. The term "dappled sunlight" fits this area as the sun shines through the trees. Some are firs but most are olive and they have a lovely silver sheen in the sun. It's shirt weather and feels great.

The ground looks strange since they used to flood all the grassy areas so much of this side of the university has sunken rectangles bordered by little dikes. Now they've found out that it wastes water so they just water with the spray.

The students are sunbathing and wandering around in shorts. I personally don't feel it's warm enough for shorts but I guess their metabolism runs higher than mine plus the optimism of youth. Why are young people so optimistic about it being nice enough to wear shorts but pessimistic about so much else? I actually did some ironing this morning since spring always brings out the urge to wear crisp cotton shirts. I also get the urge to buy some bright spring colored clothes. This must be why people get Easter clothes.

I saw "Crimes of the Heart" by Beth Henley. It was in the Laboratory Theatre at the University of Arizona which I enjoy because it's small and puts you close to the stage. Since it was a Sunday Matinee most of the audience had white hair. One advantage of having a large retired population is that they do keep the arts going in town. The play was set in a small southern town in the seventies and has all the usual southern angst. Three sisters come together when one of them shoots her husband. Their mother committed suicide when they were children and left them to live with their grandfather who is now dying. Despite this it's a light hearted look at how they are all dominated by traditional values and the men in their lives, or rebel against them. I enjoyed it but thought it was a bit contrived.

Since I never had sisters I am drawn toward stories about the bonds between sisters. I love my brothers but we never had that closeness that sisters are suppose to have. I wish I did have a sister and wonder if one of the reasons I have trouble being close to women is because I never had that with either a sister or my mother while I was growing up. I feel left out when women talk about how close they are with women and we are all one sisterhood and all that. I never really felt that except with a couple friends and even then I felt tentative and never wanted to impose that much closeness on them for fear they wouldn't want it.

I also finished a good mystery today "Guns and Roses" by Taffy Cannon. The guide of a tour group, Roxanne Prescott, left the police after a partner was shot. She thought she would get some rest and time to think leading a tour group through Virginia for her aunt. After accidents and nasty practical jokes start happening she starts to think this was not a good idea. The story ends ups in Williamsburg with kidnapping and murder. An enjoyable mystery with a good setting and interesting characters.

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