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Saturday, February 17, 2001

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Oh, brother

I got a junk email today letting me know that I can lose inches by Valentine's Day. Next Valentine's Day? I often wonder about these late ads. First of all even if I had gotten it a week before Valentine's Day I doubt I could have lost much unless I starved or did something equally unrealistic and/or stupid. It's like ads for a weekend sale that show up on tv on Sunday night. I also got an email saying that my yahoo mail had expired and to email them my login and password. I don't think so. The address to send it to was so fake. Yahoo even tells us that they never ask us to email them our signon and password.

I am getting tired of listening to news stories about Clinton's office. I really don't care as long as I am not expected to help pay more for it than for the offices of other ex-presidents. I can't believe that anyone needs an office that is that expensive. Most people in the US don't make as much in a lifetime as the office in Manhattan would have cost in a year.

I went to see "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" with George Clooney. It's a little surrealistic in parts and unrealistic in others but very good. I especially liked it because it's set during the great depression in Mississippi and I've been reading history about the depression recently. There are a lot of references to the depression that I'm not sure everyone will catch and I'm sure I didn't catch them all. I also laughed a lot as it is a satire on so many things from chain gangs to the KKK to country singers. As with all the Coen movies, it's well worth seeing but a little strange.

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