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Thursday, February 15, 2001

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Walking home

I feel pretty good today. I'm getting over my cold and Valentine's Day is over. The thought is sweet but I threw the candy I got at work in the dumpster at home so I wouldn't eat it. I am trying to be good. I just gave people Rugrats valentines. We all put up little valentine boxes, like grade school and it was fun but I am so tired of red and cute.

I took a side trip to pick up some bread this evening and missed the bus home so I walked. It's only one and a half miles and just as the sun was sinking behind the mountains. It was just cool enough to walk fast and I walked west watching the sky glow as the sun disappeared. The clouds of the last couple days were pretty much gone and I remembered why I love living in Tucson.

I need to reorganize my website and the idea is, well, daunting. It's not just (just?) redoing my pages but redoing all the links. The links are the killer because I get carried away linking from page to page. I don't know how I want to reorganize and I won't change most of the pages, just the index pages. I'm getting frustrated with how everything has grown like a vine over so many websites. I'm confused!

It would be fun to do some cool image maps but I'm not sure how I would like to do them. That'll give me something to play with for a while.

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