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Sunday, February 11, 2001

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Soreness and sunshine

My legs were so sore when I got up this morning. I wish I could work more hill walking into my daily schedule but there just aren't any on the way to work. I also had a sore throat and it's been getting worse all day.

I did quite a bit of walking today as I ran a few errands as I wanted to loosen up my legs. It was a beautiful day. The temperatures got into the 60s and the sun was shining brightly. I probably shouldn't have as I'm now feeling like a major cold is coming on but it was just the kind of day when you don't want to come inside. I did take my time leaving this morning so I had a good sleep and then watched a few hours of animal planet shows. I enjoy these but I keep remembering that they aren't out there in nature by themselves but with a camera man and other crew people. They do make it look daring and I'm sure much of it is as they are working with wild animals whose actions you can't predict.

I'm typing this on my new Palm and keyboard, even though I'm at home and I love the touch on the keyboard. It's better than my computer keyboard. I am going to enjoy this. I'm still figuring out the features but even though I got one of the less expensive ones it still has quite a few nice features.

Well, my cold is getting worse and my concentration is getting bad so I think I'll stop and try to upload this and yesterdays. Sometimes the upload to Globe just doesn't work and I get frustrated because I like to get it up as soon as I'm done.

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