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Thursday, February 8, 2001

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I walked home in a snow storm today. Well, not actually a storm but it was snow and I had to use my umbrella because it was very, very wet snow. None of it stuck, that I could see. The Catalinas have a light coating of snow and as the sun was close to setting a clear spot in the clouds opened up and the clouds were tinted pink over the mountains. Beautiful!

I'm hoping we will have some snow on the ground tomorrow. Since I'm going in a little later I want to walk to work in the snow. Wouldn't that be fun. I enjoyed walking in the snow this evening but hopefully any snow in the morning would be a little dryer since I can feel the temps dropping. I even turned my heat on which I don't have to do very often.

I hear the Clinton's decided to graciously give back some of the furniture and gifts that they had stripped from the White House. They are making more money than 90 some percent of the country and they act like some cheap bozos taking the ashtrays and towels from a motel room. I guess they figure since they rented out rooms in the White House, like it was a cheap hotel, they can steal from the White House like they would steal from a hotel room. They are so tacky. I wonder if they stripped all the sugar packets from Air Force One?

I'm watching the Animal Planet station and I realize why I always come back to being an environmentalist even though it hurts my libertarian soul. Right now it's showing a brand new panda baby, so incredibly tiny in it's mother's arm, and the gorgeous mountains they come from. Before this program there was one on the rockies, showing moose and more gorgeous mountains. I like cities as well as anyone and don't want to live in the wild, but I want to just know they are there, besides the very real necessity of wild places to protect our watersheds and air.

The two panda cubs are playing in the snow and leaves and I remember how I loved to walk through the woods in the snow. I love the snow so much. I love winter. What am I doing in Arizona? I loved wandering around the woods and rivers in Iowa City and Oklahoma City. I especially remember playing the winter woods in Arkansas as a kid. They were wet and gray and dank and I loved them. I enjoyed bundling up today and walking in the wet and cold. I love fog and snow. Why am I here?

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