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Sunday, February 04, 2001

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Shopping & cooking

Well, I am tired. They were having a meat sale at the store this week so I stocked up this morning and cooked all afternoon. I got a pot roast and put it in the crock pot all afternoon ending up with seven servings, six of which I froze, with some potatoes. I got two chickens and pulled of the breast meat which made four servings of chicken breast that I froze and the rest I boiled with bayleaf and all that and ended up with about eight servings of chicken meat and a whole lot of chicken broth. I made a large meatloaf, about ten servings, and froze about six servings.

I'm tired and I have washed so many greasy dishes. I love pot roast, but the dishes are so greasy, the same with chicken. Most of the fat seems to end up in the broth and I poured off a bunch of fat as the meatloaf cooked. I take the fat off once the broth is cold but but cleaning it is messy and I have dishpan hands, not having a dishwasher. Now I can go back to just heating in the microwave and making a salad from a ready made cut up lettuce bag. Oh, yeah! I am trying to eat more fruit, or rather a variety of fruit. I could eat bananas all day but I'm trying to eat more apples and oranges and stuff. They're ok but I never liked them as well.

Cooking is so time consuming. I thought I would have time to read but there was always something that needed to be done or stirred or checked or whatever. Between cooking, washing dishes, packing everything up to go in the freezer and doing a couple loads of laundry my day was gone. Housework of all kinds is so very time consuming. There's always something else that needs to be done and I too often give up and usually don't do anything which is not good.

I also lost my bike keys. I unlocked my bike at the store, in the morning. In the late afternoon I was going to run back and pick up a couple things and I could not find them. I'm sure I had them in my backpack. I checked with the store to see if anyone had turned them in. Nope. What good are bike keys, unless they want to steal my bike and knows who I am. There was nothing on them to show who I am but I do shop at the same store, most of the time, and I suppose someone might recognize my bike. I don't want to have to buy another lock, but I don't know if I'll be comfortable knowing someone else could have the key, but what if I get a new lock and no one has they key? What a waste.

I need my bike this week also as I have junk to take to work and hope to make it to a meeting or two. The buses are so bad in the evening that I have to take different bus home and walk half a mile to my apartment since none of the three buses that go by my apartment run much after seven in the evening. Well, I have food to eat for a while and clean clothes, so it was worth it.

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