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Monday, January 29, 2001

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Home sick

The cold I've been fighting finally got me yesterday and my back hurt this morning. I don't know if that is from using a different backpack or just the stress from trying to fight this cold for weeks. I decided that I would walk a little to try and loosen my back and maybe fresh air would make me feel better. At six this morning I was walking around the neighborhood, all bundled up. It didn't help my cold but did make my back bearable. I still stayed home.

I walked between the main streets so there were few streetlights and the streets were still wet from the rain we've been having. I love doing this because there are very few cars and I find the dark and quiet interesting and mysterious. A couple people passed me with kids, one a guy with two grade school kids who, I assume, he was taking to daycare. It was nice to see a guy doing this especially the fact that they were walking and, again I assume, he'll have to take the bus to work. Another was a lady with a baby in a stroller and another preschooler, also on their way to daycare, I assume.

I can remember many days I headed out in the predawn hours to haul my kids to daycare. At least the times I didn't have a car it was usually only Lisa I had to take to daycare since I let Mike stay home and walk to school with neighbors. Leaving him alone was scary too but I was down to so little daycare assistance I couldn't really afford to pay my share of daycare for both of them. I can remember sliding down a hill, slippery with glaze ice, to the bus stop with Lisa. We had to walk a mile to catch the bus. We got to the bus stop one day and there was a bench to sit on. How nice! Within the week there were letters and articles from the "Keep Oklahoma City Beautiful" group whining about the ugly advertising benches. I didn't notice them offering to put up pretty ones and you can bet they never had to use any kind of a bus stop.

My goodness gracious! I took a nap today. I slept for several hours and I just don't sleep during the day. I feel somewhat better but I must be sick. I'm at the I don't really care about anything right now stage. I feel sort of hight, but haven't even taken anything but sudafed and aspirin. If I take Nyquil, which works well for me, I fall fast asleep, but only at night. During the day it just irritates me.

Well, I renewed my Sierra Club membership. It hurt but I finally decided that despite the fact that I know they are going to tick me off at one point or another, they are still, in the long run, doing more good than not. The republicans certainly aren't big on the environment and I haven't noticed that the democrats do more than the minimum to keep their enviro constituency appeased. Not happy, just appeased. Clinton did throw out all those executive orders setting aside land at the last minute but he couldn't be bothered to actually get it through congress so it wouldn't be reversed as easily. Too busy with more important things, like his legacy. Who cares if it all gets reversed cause he can just blame it on everyone else. What an ass!

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