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Saturday, January 27, 2001

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Cold rain

The rain moved in today and it was cold. It was in the 40s and 50s but it felt colder to us since we're used to having sunshine even when the temps are cold. Without the rays to warm us up we were all nippy. I was happy since I had a good umbrella and bundled up, so I could walk in the rain. So nice. The clouds lifted from the mountains for just little while and showed the tops white with snow.

I was looking for yarn to make a new stocking cap. I have an old, white one with a hole in the top, which gets dirty so easy. I can't find one to replace it since it's big, so it doesn't crunch my head, and my hair, and I can wear it over my ponytail. It is big enough to pull well over my ears. I see these little pippy poo ones that are for sale. What good are they when your ears would freeze off. My ears get cold easily, as does my forehead. I want a real stocking cap, not something that looks good in a fashion magazine. Mine also is double thick so it's light but warm.

I just couldn't decide on a color and I would have to adjust any pattern. Since it's been years since I've knitted I'm not too comfortable with that so I'll have to think about it. There are some beautiful yarns and, thankfully, most of them are acrylic since I also don't want wool. I want something that will take abuse and that I can throw in the washing machine.

I finished reading "Hail Babylon: In Search of the American city at the end of the millennium" by Andre Codrescu. This is several essays Codrescu has written on different cities in the US. It was good but it was more guidebook video than about how cities are doing right now. A little too superficial. There were some interesting parts but I never felt like I learned anything about the cities.

Well Clinton left office as tacky as he was in it. Not only did his staffers do some tacky damage but it looks like he may have pardoned in exchange for votes. He pardoned a traitor.

The middle finger on my left hand is bothering me. I don't remember banging or straining it and itt doesn't hurt except when I'm typing, so I'm going to quit.

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