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Saturday, January 20, 2001

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Inauguration Day

I was going to head out early today but was watching the preprarations for the Inaguration and ended up staying and watching it. I cried. I teared up when I saw Al and Tipper, who must be feeling so disappointed, especially with the unbearable closeness of the election. I can't say I felt any heart pangs for Bill or Hillary but I'm sure this is hard for them to give up the power they have had.

I teared up for George and Laura Bush as I know it's going to be tough going for them, especially for Laura who is, I'm told, so shy. Their twin daughters look so different which is nice. I'm glad they are individuals.

Mostly I cried because we did it again. There they were, all the bitter enemies standing together and helping to move us on without resorting to violence or coups. We may have weird elections and crazy politics, but we do, except for a few lunatics, do it peaceable and then just keep on fighting with words instead of bullets. Am I weird? Some women cry at romantic movies, I don't, I cry at ingurals, the 4th of July and kindergarten graduations. I even cried at Clinton's inagurations, even though I don't like him.

I liked the mention in Bush's speech about just being a part of a story that began long before and will go on long after. We are part of a story and we need the humility to remember that. I think that part of why I don't like Clinton is his lack of humility. None of us have all the answers or always do the right thing so even when we are so very sure we are right, we need to remember that we may not be, even while we fight to accomplish what we believe in. It's Alice in Wonderland thinking but is absolutely essential for a democracy.

I walked about six miles around town today, just taking off when waiting for the bus would be a while. From the university, where I checked my PO box, down 4th Avenue to downtown and then across I-10 to the riverwalk to see if anything is being done on the Rio Nuevo project. I couldn't see that anything was being done yet so I walked along the river to St Mary's and back to downtown and the transit center. Again, after stopping to look at backpacks and books on N Oracle, I walked on home enjoying the great weather.

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