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Thursday, January 18, 2001

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Bus talk

On the bus I heard a couple ladies talking about hostels, which was quite a surprise. Most people have no idea what they are. One lady works near the Roadrunner which is in south Tucson and said it was a nice place. The Congress Hotel has some hostel rooms but not very many and I understand they are very noisy. Occasionally people I meet at other hostels ask me about hostels in Tucson so it's nice to hear that there's another good one. I hate to recommend a hostel I have no knowledge of. She said it gets quite a bit of business.

It was slightly foggy this morning on my walk to work. It was just enough to put a haze on everything and a halo around the street lights. It is so nice to walk to work without working up a sweat. It's perfect walking weather.

There was a blurb in the news about how happy the secret service and all the other people who have to follow the president around are. It seems Clinton was always late, not a few minutes either, but hours. Bush is, on the other hand, very prompt. I like that. I'm always early so as to not inconvience people and have always felt that people who are always late are rather discourteous. It's fine to be laid back and do things when you feel like it but when other people have to wait around for you, it's rude. I have always had a low tolerance for people who are late all the time but this is the first time I heard that Clinton is one of them. Just confirms my opinion of him.

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