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Wednesday, January 17, 2001

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This is the second day at work with our new software and tensions are mildly flaring. It's more frustration from getting used to a new work flow. We are such creatures of habit that it's hard to change how we do things. It takes me a week or two to get used to writing the new year each January. When my morning routine is interrupted I have to really push to get to work on time since I can't seem to get things done.

I saw my first rainbow of the year, though it won't be my last. One thing I enjoy about Tucson is that we get so many rainbows. We have been coooold this week. Cold for Tucson. It's been in the 30s at night and the 40s in the day. We aren't used to days that don't get into the 60s, at least, by early afternoon.

It was great walking to work in the cold today. Everything was damp since we've also been getting rain (snow on the mountains) and in the dark the street glittered from the street lights. I had my winter coat on and my muffler, that Lisa made for me, and my ratty stocking cap, that I cannot find a decent replacement for, and my old mittens. I had the mittens off in five minutes and was just warm enough to be comfortable.

I feel energized when I walk to work but it is always hard to get going. Even though I know how much I enjoy it, it's hard walking out of that door and heading down the sidewalk when I know I could just sit down at the bus stop and wait for a nice, comfortable bus. It's the same with hiking. I enjoy hiking so much but it's hard to get up in the morning and get going.

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