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Monday, January 15, 2001

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Browsing on the move

I was running around town today and decided to see a movie so I used the browser on my cell phone to check out the movie times. It was so neat! I love it. Of course you wouldn't want to read forums on it. Not only would it really run up the airtime but the screen is very tiny and would give me eye strain. For checking weather or movies, it's great. How cool!

I saw "Miss Congeniality" and laughed all the way through. Sandra Bullock is so good. Like all makeovers it wasn't quite convincing. She did start out with a good figure, great skin and lovely cheekbones and only needed to learn to walk a little better and use makeup. Still it was very funny and very good. It's a good movie for a good laugh and what more can you ask for?

While running around town I also finished "Murder & Sullivan" by Sara Hoskinson (one of the advantages of taking the bus). This is a light, well written mystery set in a small Indiana town with Joan Spencer, a widow, trying to keep her finances and relations with her children above water, and her love interest, a local cop, Fred Lindquist. A murder occurs during a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta where Joan is playing the viola and Joan and Fred set out to solve the murder.

My shins were a little sore since I'm not used to doing much walking uphill but other than that I felt pretty good today, which made me feel good. I always feel so out of shape but I usually can get back into walking easily. It's the hiking with the club that gets to me as I just can't breath fast enough to keep up on the so many of the hikes since most of the trails are steep. I'm planning on doing a bit of hiking on my own while it's cool so I can get into hiking with the club when it gets hot.

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