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Monday, January 8, 2001

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Sleeping and walking

I slept last night but not till 11:30 when I broke down and took a sleeping pill. I was so deep in sleep this morning that it was very hard to wake up and I still don't feel that rested. I walked this morning to get my body moving but I was slow getting ready and only made it half way before I had to catch the bus.

This afternoon I walked home though it was touch and go. It was very cloudy and spitting when I left work and I wasn't sure if I could walk home without getting soaked, but the rain held off and it was great. It was cool and cloudy and a wonderful day for walking in Tucson. One spot in the sky had dark clouds with just a circle of blue. A pure white streak of cloud ran right through the middle. I don't think I could ever get tired of looking at clouds.

At six, as I was getting home, the sky was a deep blue with navy clouds against them and just a bare lightening against the western mountains. The streetlights were on and everything looked so elegant. The early night sky always looks like the perfect setting for a very nice evening dress and diamonds.

I've been thinking about Clinton setting aside so much land for roadless areas and wilderness areas and, while it doesn't sit well with my libertarian tendencies, I must admit I like it. One of the few truly effective environmental things we can do is set aside all the land we can and leave it alone. No cute campgrounds, no roads, no nothing. We need to just leave it alone. If it burns, it burns. One reason I like the Nature Conservancy is that they do buy land and set it aside. Granted all of their's isn't wilderness, and there is a place for set aside places that aren't wilderness, but at least they put their money where their mouth is.

I don't think that setting it aside by executive order is the best way. I know it got it done but we need to do things together, not by a unilateral royal waving of the wand. Now everyone is going to be spending an incredible amount of money and time either defending it or fighting it and it sure isn't going to bring this country together. Just because some of us like something that's been done doesn't mean we have the right to ignore the wishes of everyone else.

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