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Tuesday, December 26, 2000

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We woke up at 5:00 today as I had to be at the bus station by 6:00. I didn't sleep too well since the crazy cat kept kneading my feet and generally kept me awake. I don't mind cats sleeping with me but I would prefer that they be quieter about it. I was also wound up from the day and finally I took a sleeping pill and went to sleep.

Mike dropped me off at the bus station and I got my bags in line for the bus leaving at 7:00. The bus wasn't full which was nice and I got the seat behind the driver. The front seat on the right side had two drivers who were deadheading to Calexico to drive from there. It was interesting to listen to the driver's talk about things. Even with coffee I dozed off and on most of the trip.

East on I-8 and again our meal stop was in Calexico. We left I-8 at Gila Bend and went north on AZ-85 to I-10. In the afternoon we saw several wrecks including a major one between Gila Bend and I-10. People were in a big hurry to get home, I guess. It was nice just riding along half asleep knowing I had nothing to do the next day.

When we arrived at Phoenix a Greyhound employee got on to tell everyone that the highways were closed east of El Paso and east of Flagstaff. This was bad news to most people. They offered to reroute people but they would have had to go via Las Vegas and Denver to avoid the ice storm across the southern plains.

Finally we headed down I-10 to Tucson. I was so glad to get home and go to bed. Cat was happy also.

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