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Monday, December 25, 2000

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Christmas Day

Again we were off to Lauri's aunt's house where we opened presents with Lauri's mother's family. Again this took all morning. I had no idea what to get everyone but people seemed to like what I got them and I enjoyed the presents I received. None of these were expensive but they were nice things that had a lot of thought put into them.

Lauri's family is one that never seems to get going and takes forever to do anything, but then they get it done. For instance, when people say "we should be going" I get up and get my bag and am ready to go. It's another hour before Lauri's family are ready to go. To them 'we should be going" means they need to start thinking about getting ready to go. Drives me crazy but they get things done. Family cultures are so different. Her family also analyzes themselves and each other out loud which my family doesn't. We just do it to ourselves.

Then on to Lauri's cousins where we watch little Emily open so many presents. She's three and is so cute and really needs to have a cousin or sibling to cut some of the attention. She is remarkably good despite all the attention and isn't a whiner or tantrum thrower. More relatives on her father's side arrived and I met them. So many people!

Back we went to Lauri's aunt where we had a late dinner with great food and even some wine. I was surprised since none of Lauri's family drink. Mike and I are usually the only drinkers though it seems that more people who have married in are fond of liquor also. We played with the bird, a gorgeous light pink, large bird (though I forget the breed) who was delightful and we talked and laughed a lot.

Finally we headed to an aunt and uncle on Lauri's father's side where we exchanged more presents and met more people. We drove back and forth through the entire San Diego metro area for three days and I was totally lost since I forgot to bring my San Diego map. I got a great tour of the area even if I had no idea where I was.

Mike, Lauri and I spent the night at Aurora and Ward's place since they wanted people there while they were out of town since it's not the best area. He's musician who is working on his doctorate so they are young, struggling and in love. I will sleep on the couch since their guest room is the music room and much of the apartment is taken up with Aurora's sewing and crafts. Quite a change from the upscale Del Mar home where I had stayed the last couple nights but still nice to be welcome.

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